31 Days of YOGA



So most of you who know me or follow me on Social Media know that I love meditation and YOGA. Well oddly enough over the past year I have been back and forth with my yoga practice and not consistent like I should be and this has caused me to lose focus, sight towards my goals and towards life itself.

Some of you may be saying so not practicing YOGA made you lose all of that?

Yoga for me is not about just the physical practice but the mental and spiritual practice. Yoga is about taking your body through various poses, breathing through those poses, expanding yourself, growing, powering your way into new opportunities. Well that pretty much describes life too. Going through ups and downs but it is through that journey that we grow into new opportunities and into a new POWER that lies within us.

Physical Practice


I look at this through life itself. There will be times where life will seem and feel tough, physically draining and it will require you to use strength to battle your way through those tough times and you will want to quit, you will want to get out of that position, that pose, that time in your life. It will require inner strength and physical strength to get you through.

Mental and Spiritual Practice


So when I first heard of meditation I was like ummmm yeah I can’t sit here for this amount of time being still and not doing anything. I had to train myself to be still. I soon learn that as I was practicing meditation it was helping with not only to sit still for a certain amount of time but it was teaching me how to breathe through yoga poses, how to breathe through life situations. It help me learn that sometimes you simply have to just BE STILL and breathe through certain situations. The more I began to be still and simply breathe the easier the pose or the craziness of my life became.


31 Days of YOGA

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So follow me on this journey of Starting my New Year OFF with Intentions…No I am not big on resolutions this is a journey to help begin my year off with Intentions, Clear Mind, Focus, Determination, Drive and Perseverance to tackle whatever may come my way in 2018….

What will my 31 days look like:

I have devoted to:

  1.  Practicing 3 days (minimum) at a Yoga One (with option of trying out a new yoga studio)
  2. 3 Home practices (really trying to build my home practice up)
  3. Meditation everyday (yikes…lol)
  4. 1 day of deep stretch YOGA (home or at studio)
  5. Have fun, be playful, try on new poses

Follow and Feel free to JOIN me on this journey starting January 1st

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Set Intentions Versus Resolutions


So it’s that time of year again where everyone begins to tackle that very thing that they keep or have struggled with in the past. They began to make their New Year Resolution….most common one being “to lose weight”. The gyms are preparing to be packed, the studios in preparation of classes being filled with individuals who have set out to make that New Year Resolution. And then it happens……30 days later, 60 days later, 90 days later the hopes of achieving that New Year Resolution begins to fade away. People get the feeling of lost hope, or they just quit. They start to doubt themselves and feel as if they have failed themselves. Why? because of the notion that if you don’t achieve that New Year Resolution you have lost the battle, lost the fight.

I say NO to the New Year Resolution and say YES to intentions. Intentions are things that you create to help better yourself as an individual, as a person.

What does that look like?

I set the intentions each and everyday to be a better version of myself. Do I relapse some days or have some bad days?  Heck Yeah, but guess what? I start all over again the next day. Everyday is a new day to begin again. It is a new day to start over. When you set intentions on becoming better each day you are giving your self a cushion to fall to fail but yet also a chance to learn from the mistakes, the falls and mishaps. Socrates says it best, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new. So stop trying to fight the old with New Year Resolutions but let’s set the intentions on building the new. How do you do this? by striving each and everyday to become a healthier you, better version of you.


With love,



What are you waiting for?




So it’s that time of the year where everyone is planning of the new year. We are getting that planner out we are setting our fitness goals for next year. We already have a big scheme and ideas of what days we are going to work out, what days we are going to work on what, the challenges that we are going to participate in. We are pumped and ready to change for 2018.

So let me ask you a question….

What about now?

What are you waiting on?

Why do we have to prepare for the new year?

Who says that we have to wait until 2018 to start fresh, to start brand new. Why not start now? This is the question that I was even asking myself as it related to not only fitness but other areas of my life. I said to myself Felicia why do you have to wait until the new year to begin again. Each and everyday we wake up is a brand new opportunity to begin again. It is an opportunity to start over to create goals for ourselves. We are our biggest hindrance of our goals, we are what stops us from achieving our goals.


Because we feel as if we have to start at a certain time, we feel like our situation have to look a certain way. We are waiting on that perfect time, perfect opportunity to begin again, to start over. So what if your life is a mess right now, So what if you feel like you don’t have it all together. This is the perfect time to begin again, this is the perfect time to create a better version of you….So stop waiting on that miraculous new year…Today is your Day…Lace up…Show up for YOU..You deserve it…You deserve to be a better version of YOU…So I ask again What are you waiting for? 




Don’t Settle




It’s a great feeling when you have completed a goal that you thought you would never complete. So now you have completed it so what’s next. You feel like I have accomplished something big so why strive for anything else. Or you just simply get complacent and content in where you are right now. I say NO…don’t get complacent…don’t get content. You should always be striving to be a better version of YOU whether that is through fitness, finances, relationships, personally, spiritual. Never settle for what seems alright, shoot for the stars, challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, step outside of that box you have created. You will never know your full potential if you just settle for what seems okay, what seems best. So don’t wait until the New Year’s to draw up a plan of goals and action plans..Start today, Start now….Set the intention each and everyday to strive for more, strive for the best version of YOU. So stop settling and start moving..Moving into 2018 as the Best Version of YOU!!!



How Lack of Sleep can cause Weight Gain?

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So you know you always hear about how you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night but do you really understand why you need that amount of sleep?

I have always been the person that you could function off of 3 and 4 hours of sleep but as I  began to older I realized wow I really can’t function off of less sleep I have just used additives to help me be able to function throughout the day.

So why do you really need sleep?



So if you are the type of person who likes to work out or you have just started to begin workout program. Sleep allows the body time to recover. It helps the muscles to recover from the stresses that you have place on them throughout the workout.

Weight Gain

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Lack of sleep has actually been know to increase weight gain in individuals. So think of it this way, we function off of energy. The amount of energy of metabolism that a person has varies from each person. We burn carbohydrates, fats and proteins and these are used as our energy source. If we have lack of sleep then instead of our bodies releasing the fats for energy it is going to hold onto the fats, hold onto every energy source nutrient in our bodies. Why? Because I body gets into survival mode, its smart, it wants to survive, it wants to protect our bodies. Dr. Michael Breus, PhD explains that recent research strongly indicates that sleep depravation has a direct correlation to weight gain. He states there are two main factors that are the primary reason of weight gain in sleep deprived individuals Hormones: When you are sleep deprived, your cortisol level rises (stress hormone) which increases your appetite, causing your metabolism to slow down, not allowing you to burn as many calories through out the day.Food choice change:The more sleep deprived you are, the more you are likely to reach for cookies and cakes (comfort food). This occurs because your brain is trying to gather food that will help “calm you down”, causing you to consume, unhealthy, high calorie food. (http://my.5linx.com/wellness/lack-of-sleep-can-lead-to-weight-gain/)

Mental Alertness

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Lack of sleep can cause you to not be as alert as you would if you are rested. This alertness causes our bodies to go into sleep mode or pause mode. So we are less likely to engage in a lot of activity if we are tired. In addition, we tend to not perform well with activity if their is a lack of mental alertness. Furthermore, typically people who lack sleep fill the need to gravitate towards coffee to get that alertness. Caffeine has some benefits in increasing alertness and studies have shown that it can help with weight loss in endurance athletes. However, it is also shown that caffeine if consumed regularly can cause you to disrupt your sleep even if you consumed it early in the morning. If your sleep is interrupted then you continue the cycle of lack of sleep and the general effects.

So what is the best thing to do?

Try to average between 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I know it can be hard, it is difficult for me but start small. If you typically only get 4 hours of sleep a night then one week strive for 5 hours of sleep, then the next week work on 6 hours of sleep. Slowly progress in your hours of sleep. In the long run you will feel better which will allow you to perform better.


Happy Sleeping








It’s Okay to Rest



rest So as I was finishing up my workouts this week I really was trying to plan out my workouts while on vacation. Something inside of me felt like if I take a couple days off it would make me fall behind. Then I realize that everyone’s body needs REST. Often times in this fitness journey we feel as if we take one day off that we will  gain weight or fall off of the bandwagon. However, often times our body needs the break to help us rejuvenate our mind and body so that we can perform better.


Imagine this after spending three days of an intense workout then I spent three days resting that I was able to run at a faster pace. How was this? My body was able to recover from the intense workout and I was able to utilize my muscles more efficiently. So what are you saying Felicia? Even though we may feel as if we will lose that drive or tenacity by resting we our actually giving our bodies a gift. The gift of relaxation, rejuvenation and healing.

There are five thoughts  that I keep in mind while I am resting my body


1. My body deserves the rest

2. You worked hard now it’s time to let my muscles heal

3. I will perform better once I allow my body to rest

4. You are not missing anything by resting

5. Finally, It’s okay to REST


Remember, there is a difference between resting your body and being forced to rest. Rest is necessary to allow your body to fully recover from an intense workout. Often times injuries occur because we don’t allow our bodies to fully recover. As I tell my athletes we can choose to rest our bodies or our bodies will rest unwillingly by being injured. Don’t let this be you, always remember, “It’s Okay to REST!”


So in your fitness journey  always incorporate rest days and don’t you dare feel guilty about it:)




Love always