Mindful Cravings


So it’s that time of year where we are trying to eat healthy and let’s be honest….we all have to fight those holiday cravings. We set goals to eat healthier or to simply lose weight. We dice into the many healthy challenges or diets that promises that we will lose the weight. However, we don’t tap into the main source of the problem, the key to why we are where we are at or why we even want to lose weight.

Be Mindful

When we set goals to lose weight or be healthy we have to ask ourselves why are we wanting to lose weight or be healthy.? What is the reasoning behind it? Is it because we want to be healthy or is it because we want to look a certain way? Next question is, “How did we get in the position we are currently in?” Was it because of stress or was it because we are dealing with something that is deep inside that we don’t want to face? These are all mindful questions we must first ask ourselves before we can begin this journey of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. Until we tackle these questions then we will still see ourselves cycling through the treacherous cycle of weight loss and unhealthy lifestyle.

Mindful Cravings

What do we battle with the most when we are trying lose weight or eat healthier? We battle with cravings, with the feeling of not having enough. But is that truly the reason why we are having cravings? There is more to that craving and learning how to be mindful to the cravings is the key. Here is a tip the next time you have a craving, stop and think about why you are having that craving. Are you stress? Are you bored? Are you really hungry? The more we become mindful of our cravings the more we can fight them.

So as everyone is preparing for the holidays and some are already thinking about what their 2018 New Year’s resolutions and goals are going to be. First, be mindful of why you are doing what you are doing. Step into this  holiday season and preparing for the upcoming year with mindfulness of your goals and why you want to achieve them. The more we become mindful the more we are able to achieve the goals we set forth.


With love,





Back To School Frenzie



So this is the time of the year where parents are back in the grind of everything. Back to schoolwork, traveling back to school, dealing with countless minutes and hours in traffic. The time of the year where our schedules get extremely busy and crazy.

This is also the time of the year where we lose our self care. We lose the fact that we as parents, family members, sibling, daughters need to take care of ourselves.

This is the time of the year that we truly need to be in maintenance phase and restoration phase. Building ourselves back up.

But how can we take time for ME during this Frenzie?

Here are my 5  top things that I do focus on during the craziness of Back to School

  1. Planning is key
    1. Plan out your week to not only include kids activities, fitness for yourself, ME time
  2. It’s okay to say NO
    1. I battled with this for a long time. I was always chipping in, always try to help out, always trying to lend a hand to someone else. I quickly realize that I was leaving me out of the equation. It’s hard to take care of others when you are not taking care of yourself. At some point you will wear and tear your body down to the point that someone will need to care for you.
  3. Stop putting yourself LAST
    1. I use to always make sure that my girls were situated, use to always not only supply all of their needs but also their wants. I use to feel guilty if I took time out to get my nails done because I would think about how I should use it on them. I quickly realized that it’s okay to think about me too. I made sure that my girls had their needs and I also made sure I had all of my needs. I can not take care of them if I don’t take care of myself. By no means am I saying don’t do anything for your family or friends but saying don’t forget about doing something for yourself…And don’t you dare feel guilty about it
  4. Take care of the ONE BODY that you have on this earth
    1. So if you are like me budgeting is key..So when it is time to cut cost the first thing to go is Fitness especially if we belong to a gym or to a fitness facility. I contemplated it several times but I look at healthy eating, fitness and anything to do with spending money on healthy options the same way. I can either pay the money now with a great membership rate or I can spend the money later through doctor visits, cost of tests being run because of poor health. Now don’t get me wrong you definitely should shop around and live within your means. Which means if you can’t afford it right now shop around online there are so many sites that have exercise programs you can do at home, groups that offer home workouts. Just remember despite what may be going on physically or financially take care of your body.
  5. Live each Day OUT LOUD
    1. As much physical fitness that you need for healthiness you also need mental fitness and strength. Take time to tap into you…do what you love..enhance your mental. Living a stress life…removing stressors that can be removed. Do adventurous things, step outside of that comfort zone box.. Simply take time to Enjoy Life…You only get one life to live…So take time to Enjoy IT!!!


It’s Okay to Begin Again


I truly have learned what it means to Start Over…To begin again. I remember thinking awhile back that it was so hard to start over, so hard to begin again. I have realized that it’s okay to begin again. We actually begin again each day we wake up. Each day we start a brand new day it is our opportunity to begin again. Often times we want to seclude ourselves to what occurred yesterday, last week, last month or even last year. I have learned that in order to grow to move forward in life we have to begin again. We have to learn how to start over.


This year alone I have learned how to raise two girls on my own, start a new job, restart a training/running plan. I realized on my run the other day that I am stronger, wiser, brighter, felt brand new. It was all because I decided that it was time to change up, it was time to start over again, to start fresh. Often times to get out of the rut that we feel like we are in we have to start fresh, we have to begin again. So don’t sit in the past, don’t dwell in what happened years ago. Start fresh today, begin again today!!!




Carpe Diem



Carpe Diem

I absolutely love this word, “Carpe Diem”  seize the day, seize the moment. Often times we get so caught up on what everything is going to look like, or we get caught up in what it should look like, how things should be. Instead we should be enjoying the moment, enjoying the present time, living in the present time. For me this was big because as life was handed to me I would think about what my life should look like. I would constantly ask myself,

What if I did this differently?

What if I do this?

What if I change this or change that?

Finally I had to shake myself and say, “Felicia, stop focusing on the what if’s, the should of, could of statements and start living in the now.”

Set your Intentions

Gabby Bernstein said it best, “Energy flows where your intention goes” Set your intentions on living in the moment, seizing the day. When we set our intentions on enjoying the journey, the day, the process then it becomes our reality, it becomes our here and now.  I know that in order to be happy, to not lose your mind you have to set your intentions on these two words, Carpe Diem…..seize the day!


So let’s all join in together and live in the moment….Enjoy this Day… Carpe Diem!


Stay Focused



Aah this one is a big one for me because I am easily distracted by the things that are going  around me. I tend to lose focus.. tend to lose focus on what my goals are.. lose focus on what I would like my end result to be. I have learned through the years that in order to be successful, in order to reach your goals, reach that end result you have to stay focused.


Often times we get so distracted of what everyone else is doing, we begin to question whether or not we are being successful. We begin to question if we are doing things right. We ask ourselves

Do we need to change up something?

Do we need to just give up?

But what we often fail to realize is that we are not allowing ourselves to fulfill those goals, fulfill those dreams, fulfill those end results we are looking to gain because we are not focus on the task at hand. We are so worried about:

What everyone else is doing

Whether or not everyone else is a step ahead

Worried about whether or not we are just moving slow

We fail to realize that it is not that we can’t be successful, that we can’t fulfill that dream, it is because we are not focus on what we want, we are not focus on achieving the goal or dream that is set for us to achieve.

So stop comparing yourself to others, stop worrying about what others are doing, or how successful it may seem that other people are…Stay focused on your task, stay focused on your goal, stay focus on your end result that you would like to achieve. When we focus all of our energy, our time, our dedication and let it all play out that is when we start to see our lives unravel to where we want to be and who we want to be.

Focus on One Course

Stay humble and Stay Focused



You Can’t Outrun Your Fork (#TeamBLKGRLFLY)


So how many times have you heard the statement, “You are what you eat” Well that is true. Often times in our fitness journey we get so stuck on how many miles we are running, or how much cardio we are getting in, or did we get that strength training workout in for today. Did you know…FIFTY percent of Black women develop Type 2 diabetes at some point during their lifetime (American Psychological Association), which means you can’t just workout. But what are we doing the rest of the day? How are we fueling our bodies from the workouts? What are we eating on the days we don’t get to the gym?

It’s a Puzzle Piece

Healthy Lifestyle is like a puzzle…..if there is one piece missing from the puzzle then that puzzle will not be complete. There are so many aspects that encompass a healthy lifestyle:

Mental Aspect

Physical Aspect


Spiritual Aspect

Did you know that each one of these categories can effect what you are putting on your plate? Not getting enough sleep…we typically resort to coffee, caffeinated drinks, food, snacks. What are you doing in each of this categories? How are you completing your puzzle piece? Is there a missing piece in your puzzle?

So the magic question is….How do I include all of these aspects into my healthy journey? How can I be a healthier me…looking and feeling great? Well it’s simply……But you’ll have to come check us out to here more about it…..


Join us on July 15th….


More about this event…

The Beauty Standard’ is a weekend happening, taking place on Saturday, July 15th, in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC. This event highlights women of color— with a focus on beauty, hair and happiness, finances, as well as overall health and wellness!


Hope to see you there



I AM Transforming


Wow these words mean a lot, it reminds me of the movie, “The Transformers.” How they would transform into these big time cars, fancy, extravagant cars fully armed and ready. That is how I feel about life. We can either choose to remain the same, stagnant, complacent or we can choose to transform. We can transform into a better version of ourselves or we can transform in the opposite direction. We each have a choice each and everyday. We can either choose to be better, to stay the same or to digress. What we choose will determine who we will become. Whether or not it is for that today, tomorrow or future. The decisions today will  not only effect us today but will effect who we will become, our future self. So choose wisely, choose for you, choose to be a Better Version of You, choose to transform into a New and Improve You, choose Love, Love for yourself. So how am I transforming. Each and everyday I make a choice to be Better, to do Better, to Love me more, to do things that uplift me. The most important thing I do each and everyday is I choose ME each and for that reason I am TRANSFORMING.




With Love and Transformation,





Are you Consistent?


Social Media Logotype Background

So how many times do you check your notifications on facebook?

How many times do you scroll through facebook during the day?

How many times do you pick up your phone to check your text messages?

Often times we can be very consistent with the daily world of electronics. I have found myself often times as soon as my phone makes that “ding” noise I am constantly checking it to see what messages have gone through. Who text me? What are they talking about in the group messages? We become so consistent in the electronic world but are we consistent in our self care, self nurturing world. Are we consistent in our daily time with ourselves. Do we take time out during the day just to focus on ME, YOU? Do we take time to breathe, stretch and relax from the craziness of the world. This week take time for YOU, notice if you are spending so much time devoted to the social media craze. Notice if how much time you spend unplugged. Unplug yourself for at least 1 hour and spend that hour relaxing, exercising, meditating, stretching, simply loving on YOU.

It’s time to be consistent with our self care, self nurturing, self love for ourselves.



Often times in our fitness journey we get frustrated, we get tired of not seeing results, we lose confidence in ourselves because we don’t feel like we are succeeding. I have experience that so many times and really experience it after suffering from my injury. Approximately 8 months ago and tore my plantar fascia and suffered from plantar fasciitis. Well I had races that I was already scheduled to run so I proceeded to finish out my racing season.


Well finally in January I said it is time to let this foot heal. So that is what I did. I started physical therapy at Architech Sports, I continued to do crossfit at Crossfit Axon but did everything with modifications. During this process I felt like I was at a stump, I felt like I wasn’t progressing. The pain went from one foot to the other foot. I felt as if I would never get better and that I would have to end my running. Something that I love so much, something that brings serenity to my heart. But I said No Felicia do everything you can do in getting better and then just go from there. I was at ease that if I could never run races again that I would find something else to do. I would venture off and find new loves. Well I stayed consistent with my therapy, my workout routine. I began to try new things, try new ways of training. Well needless to say I began to truly find myself and find out some other ways to engage in fitness that I loved. I began to really find my true strengths.


So what am I doing now?

  • I am still running, just trying a new running style
  • I am still doing crossfit (actually hitting some serious PR’s)
  • I am still doing other things {love hiking, rockclimbing(indoor that is….lol)…and who knows what else}

So why go through my life story?

I’m telling you this to let you know that despite what downfalls or setbacks you may experience…Stay consistent…Stay focused on your goals, Don’t give up, Stay with it. It will pay off.


With Love,



How Yoga Changed my Life



Have you ever been to a yoga class and you were so distracted by the person next to you and just the people in general in the class? In your head you are thinking, “There is no way my body is going to be able to do that.”  You start counting yourself out and start saying, “I’m not going to make it in this class.” Now I know I am not the only one that has felt that way. I remember the first time that I ever attended a yoga class, I literally thought I was going to die…lol because it was a hot yoga class. I was like,  am I just being delusional in here or am I running a fever…lol. I remember a teacher saying this to the class and it truly resonated with me…”Stop focusing on your imperfections and start embracing them.” I realize that in my life I tried so hard to control all of my imperfections or I was ashamed of all of my imperfections. When I finally put the, “What I look like” to the the side then I truly began to realize the true benefits of what yoga was doing for me.

Mental Practice outweighed the Physical Practice

So certain levels of yoga…specifically Vinyasa flow is designed to be a physical practice. It gets you sweating and feeling the burn. However, what I realized after months and months of practicing that Yoga became my medicine. It became what I can now say a “Life Changer.” Yoga took me out of a deep dark whole, depression, anxiety, feeling of no self worth, no self-confidence and no self-esteem. When I truly allowed myself to practice yoga it helped me reach deep down inside and truly became a mental practice.

So before you count Yoga out or before you look at what you think a yogi should look like. Realize it is not just about the physical practice but it is the mental practice, the spirituality that you gain from practicing. Your ability to handle situations differently, the ability to cope with stress, the ability to tap into your inner self.