Patience….. we all lack it some times. We say we have patience but do we really have patience? I read a great quote the other day from my meditation through Calm it said, “It is not the thought of being patient but how we act during the patience. That resonated so deeply within. Often times we say we are being patient but yet we are driving ourselves insane during the patient process. We begin wrecking our brains back and forth trying to figure out the next move, trying to figure out what we need to do next, how to fix something that is broken, trying to make everything all better, trying to understand why we can’t run fast or do a strict pull up. Instead of just letting things be, taking time out to work on the task at hand, not being frustrated of why we can’t do something but work towards progressing to get better. It’s all about changing the things we can and allowing the things we can not change to work itself out.

I find myself like this with my workouts. As I was coming back from my injury I would get so impatient. I would think that I was being patient but in actuality I was being impatient. I wasn’t happy that my progress was going so slow. I wanted to be back where I use to be….right then and there. I would spend the majority of trying to figure out my next move. How I would train?  What I would do? That was all great but while I was patiently waiting I was putting pressure on myself to be back to a person that I wasn’t going to be at that time. I needed to truly focus on what I could do in the here and now to get over my injury to get better. It was during that time that I realize it wasn’t just about being patient it was about the thoughts and things that I was doing or thinking while I was patiently waiting.

Realize that everything happens for a reason, realize that goals are not met in one day. We have to stay with the process, be patient, use the time during that patience to capitalize on the areas we need to capitalize on. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be this or to be that. Let the work and patience speak for itself….the results will show:)



With love and patience



How to stay MOTIVATED during an INJURY



So some of us have been there before where we have an injury that has caused us to be sidelined. I had this experience several times between an ankle sprain, rib strain, plantar fascitis and so on. This can cause a strain on your life if you are so use to doing activity. For me it was everything because fitness is a way of life for me..being involved in physical activity is what allows me to relieve stress. So when I learned that I couldn’t do anything then it was as if my whole life had gone down the drain. Now let me tell you all the different forms of activity that I typically do. I run, do crossfit, yoga, sometimes african dance (haven’t been in awhile), swimming lessons, bike and engage in other fitness activities. At one point in my fitness journey I was told that I couldn’t do any of the above. So imagine my face, my mouth drop as I didn’t know what in the world I was going to do with myself. I was so afraid that I was going to go into a depressed state of just sadness and sorrow that the very thing that makes me happy I couldn’t do anymore. So how did I last through this time? Here is how


5 Steps of staying SANE through an INJURY

  1. You have more time available so really put that time towards something else. I focused on really meditating.
  2. Focus on healing. It is important that you follow the doctor orders and really focus on getting better. So this would mean doing the things that the doctor order you to do, whether it is icing, heating, taking meds or doing rehabilitation.
  3. Focus on your nutrition. People are often misled and don’t truly understand the importance of nutrition not only for weight loss but also from a injury perspective. How you eat can determine how fast you will recover from an injury.
  4. Spend time with family, friends and love ones who often and sadly get pushed over to the side when you are truly training for an event or race.
  5. Most importantly focus on the overall healthy state, mind body and soul. So this is the time that you really look at your healthy lifestyle, what areas that I need to improve on, what am I going to do. Rewrite goals that not only include fitness but also some mental, and spiritual goals.

When you begin to incorporate overall wellness into your healthy lifestyle you are not just focusing on your body but also focusing on your mind and soul.

Injuries can cause so much disheartening to you and can be very difficult to stay focused on your healthy journey but you can overcome these hard times. It really takes developing a positive mindset and focusing your mind on becoming a healthier YOU.



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With love



Carpe Diem



Carpe Diem

I absolutely love this word, “Carpe Diem”  seize the day, seize the moment. Often times we get so caught up on what everything is going to look like, or we get caught up in what it should look like, how things should be. Instead we should be enjoying the moment, enjoying the present time, living in the present time. For me this was big because as life was handed to me I would think about what my life should look like. I would constantly ask myself,

What if I did this differently?

What if I do this?

What if I change this or change that?

Finally I had to shake myself and say, “Felicia, stop focusing on the what if’s, the should of, could of statements and start living in the now.”

Set your Intentions

Gabby Bernstein said it best, “Energy flows where your intention goes” Set your intentions on living in the moment, seizing the day. When we set our intentions on enjoying the journey, the day, the process then it becomes our reality, it becomes our here and now.  I know that in order to be happy, to not lose your mind you have to set your intentions on these two words, Carpe Diem…..seize the day!


So let’s all join in together and live in the moment….Enjoy this Day… Carpe Diem!


Stay Focused



Aah this one is a big one for me because I am easily distracted by the things that are going  around me. I tend to lose focus.. tend to lose focus on what my goals are.. lose focus on what I would like my end result to be. I have learned through the years that in order to be successful, in order to reach your goals, reach that end result you have to stay focused.


Often times we get so distracted of what everyone else is doing, we begin to question whether or not we are being successful. We begin to question if we are doing things right. We ask ourselves

Do we need to change up something?

Do we need to just give up?

But what we often fail to realize is that we are not allowing ourselves to fulfill those goals, fulfill those dreams, fulfill those end results we are looking to gain because we are not focus on the task at hand. We are so worried about:

What everyone else is doing

Whether or not everyone else is a step ahead

Worried about whether or not we are just moving slow

We fail to realize that it is not that we can’t be successful, that we can’t fulfill that dream, it is because we are not focus on what we want, we are not focus on achieving the goal or dream that is set for us to achieve.

So stop comparing yourself to others, stop worrying about what others are doing, or how successful it may seem that other people are…Stay focused on your task, stay focused on your goal, stay focus on your end result that you would like to achieve. When we focus all of our energy, our time, our dedication and let it all play out that is when we start to see our lives unravel to where we want to be and who we want to be.

Focus on One Course

Stay humble and Stay Focused



Are you Consistent?


Social Media Logotype Background

So how many times do you check your notifications on facebook?

How many times do you scroll through facebook during the day?

How many times do you pick up your phone to check your text messages?

Often times we can be very consistent with the daily world of electronics. I have found myself often times as soon as my phone makes that “ding” noise I am constantly checking it to see what messages have gone through. Who text me? What are they talking about in the group messages? We become so consistent in the electronic world but are we consistent in our self care, self nurturing world. Are we consistent in our daily time with ourselves. Do we take time out during the day just to focus on ME, YOU? Do we take time to breathe, stretch and relax from the craziness of the world. This week take time for YOU, notice if you are spending so much time devoted to the social media craze. Notice if how much time you spend unplugged. Unplug yourself for at least 1 hour and spend that hour relaxing, exercising, meditating, stretching, simply loving on YOU.

It’s time to be consistent with our self care, self nurturing, self love for ourselves.

“I AM”



Wow those two words are so BOLD and mean so much. What you put behind these two words can shape and mold you into whoever you want or desire to be. As I sit here and ponder about what these two words meant to me in 2016 it quickly reminds me of how far I have come as a woman. There are three words or phrases that come to my mind of what I felt like on last year that started with these bold two words. I AM a single mother, I AM unhappy, I AM Hurt

I AM a single mother

For some reason when I would say this to myself I would just cry. I would feel so alone and hurt. Why? I couldn’t understand why I was feeling that way, I was finally out of a situation that I didn’t want to be in but yet I still was sad. I realize that it was because I felt like a failure, I felt defeated, I felt as if I couldn’t do it on my own….. Fast-forward to today. I can replace this I AM with I AM Strong. Being a single mother truly has shown me how Strong I am and how blessed I am. I stop categorizing myself as a single mother and starting to say I am a mother who is strong, fierce, independent and well educated. I stop labeling myself as if it is negative thing to be a single mother. Will I always be this way? Only God knows? But what I do know in this second and moment that I am a blessed mother of two beautiful girls who look up to me, cherish me and love me. And that is enough for me:)

I AM UnHappy

This was a big one I had to battle. Why was I unhappy? I was finally out of a situation that was making me unhappy but yet I was still unhappy. I figured out I was unhappy not of my situation but of the unknown. I didn’t how things were going to turn out. I had to stop looking back and looking too far ahead. I had to learn how to live in the moment. I had to learn that it is okay not to not be okay. I also learned that it is okay if it doesn’t happen the way it should happen. You regroup, detour or find a new path. Once I stop trying to control my life and the changes that I was going through I began to become happier not of the situation but of how I reacted and addressed my life each and everyday.

I AM Hurt

In 2016, I suffered from a bad injury to my left foot and I was physically hurt. Well if you have ever been injured before it is very mental. Why? because if you love to do something and one day you can’t do it anymore then it can become depressing. Running as I realized was my stress reliever, it was a way where I could escape from the world and just be. Well when I realized I couldn’t do that anymore I had to learn how to re-program my mind. I truly devoted my time to meditation. I really started to focus on changing my mindset. I realize in changing my mindset that it not only helped me to mentally recover from that injury but also mentally recover from LIFE.


So I no longer use these I AM’s and now have transformed them into I AM Bold, Strong, Fearless, Content, IN LOVE with me, Unique, God’s child and so many more that I can say.

So just because your I AM may not be uplifting at this point or moment in time. Think about it, why is that your I AM? Can anything be done to change that? If so what…. then change it.

Realize that what you put behind those two words, I AM will come into reality. So speak positivity, speak life and speak happiness.

Silhouette of a woman doing yoga on the beach at sunset









So some of you may know or may not know but I just completed a Dopey Challenge this past week which consisted of 4 days of racing. My runhomie and I ran a 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon in 4 days. So logistically we ran 48.6 miles in 4 days. I know my mouth just dropped thinking about what we just accomplished.

So about 3-4 months ago I suffered an aggravating injury of plantar fascitis. If any of you have ever been injured before you know that it can be very aggravating when you are not able to do the things you love to do. Well you can imagine how I felt. This race was planned back in December of 2015 so when you realize in September 2016 that there is a strong possibility that you will not be able to walk, run or do any type of physical activity it can be very discouraging.

Fast-Forward to January 2017

So I took time off which was sacrificing my ability to truly train. I had to become very creative and train differently to allow my foot time to heal. Well as I was flying to go to Florida to complete this big race so much fear came over me. I kept playing the “What if” card and I even did that on the last day of the 4 days prior to my marathon race. Finally, I said Fe if you quit every time you are fearful you will never accomplish anything. So I did my morning prayer, meditation and yoga that morning and I laced up my shoes and said to myself, “Let’s Do This”

Many of you have fears right now, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of looking a certain way. My words to you is don’t let FEAR stop you from accomplishing something BIG in your life. If I allowed FEAR to take over then I would have never known my biggest strength, my abilities to accomplish the unknown. I would have never been able to CREATE MAGIC. So stop letting FEAR take over your life and start stepping out on FAITH! Start creating MAGIC in your life.

You can do it…..Dreams do come true….Mine did and they are still coming true.