What does FIT look like?



So what does FIT look like?

Everyone has this common image in their head of what being FIT looks like. We compare ourselves to models and other images that social media has placed on us of what being FIT should look like.

I use to have the same image in my head of if I lose at least 20 more lbs then I will finally be FIT or look FIT. As I continued to work out and continued to fluctuate in weight I realized that I was chasing a destination not a way of life.

When I began this fitness journey I expected to look a certain way but as I continued to follow along with the journey I realized that fitness is not just physical. Fitness is a way of living, its creating a lifestyle that is healthy both physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. I also began to realize the more that I focused on creating a healthy lifestyle for myself and my girls the more I became FIT.

So what does FIT look like for me?

You are looking at her……Healthy and Happy Person:)



I challenge you to find your FIT



How Meditation Can Help Improve Your Physical Health



So often when we think about meditation we think about breath and how it can help our emotional health. But not only can meditation improve our emotional health but also our physical health as well.

What happens when we have emotions or we are going through stress?

We typically hold our emotions in our bellies. Often times instead of feeling our emotions we will store them away with the hopes that the emotions will go away. But in actuality what is happening when we leave our emotions in our bellies we are causing discomfort, stress and actually increasing the chances of unhealthiness.

Meditation is designed to dive into the inner self, releasing tension and stress. It is designed to really tap into YOU. The breath in meditation it helps calm and relax our bodies which help decrease stress in our lives.

When we allow ourselves to really tap into our inner self we then can begin to release tension, stress, frustration, disappointment or whatever emotions we may have inside. Meditation not only allows us to release the emotional stress but also help in coping with it whenever it occurs again.

So how does Meditation improve our physical health?

Practicing meditation allow us to tap into our inner self through breath. It allows us to let go of the emotional stress that can cause decreases physical health. In addition, it provides an avenue and alternative in coping with stress.

Tap into your inner self, release that tension and stress you have been holding on and TRY MEDITATION.



I am NOT my Circumstances


After my meditation this morning, these words came to my head….”I am NOT my Circumstances” Often times we get depressed or upset when we are going through situations beyond our control. We let the situation dictate who we are, how we will be and what our future will look like. Honestly, before you even know it that situation has now taken over your life. Life happens…we all know that. Life is what we make out of it that is the most important. Do we take life by the hand and say, “I am going to live it through my fullest potential?” Or do we look at life and say, “My life hasn’t been going well so I am just going to wallow in my self-pity?


I had to face this head on as a single mother. Now if you would have ask me 5 years ago if I was going to be a single mother I would have looked at you and said, “Heck No”? My life as I dreamed it as a little girl was this beautiful family, beautiful house with white picket fence. Well like I said…Life happens. I became a single mother that I said I would never be. I slipped into a deep depression, full of anxiety with the feeling that it was my fought, I wasn’t a good wife, I wasn’t a good mother. It left me feeling hopeless, that I wouldn’t make it on my own raising two beautiful girls. I then realized I wasn’t alone, there were so many other single moms out there. I wasn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last. I began to realize that just because of my circumstances doesn’t mean I have to become my circumstance. I can choose how I will respond to my circumstance? How will I write my story, my chapter? Will I continue to let my circumstances define me or will I be better than my circumstance.


No matter what your circumstances are don’t let it define you. Don’t let it finish the pages in your  “Life” book. Be better than your circumstances. So what is my superpower? I am a strong, healthy, intelligent, beautiful black single mother. This is isn’t the end of my book but the beginning pages of my Beautiful Life.

So what is your superpower?

“Building a Strong Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit”


Are you Consistent?


Social Media Logotype Background

So how many times do you check your notifications on facebook?

How many times do you scroll through facebook during the day?

How many times do you pick up your phone to check your text messages?

Often times we can be very consistent with the daily world of electronics. I have found myself often times as soon as my phone makes that “ding” noise I am constantly checking it to see what messages have gone through. Who text me? What are they talking about in the group messages? We become so consistent in the electronic world but are we consistent in our self care, self nurturing world. Are we consistent in our daily time with ourselves. Do we take time out during the day just to focus on ME, YOU? Do we take time to breathe, stretch and relax from the craziness of the world. This week take time for YOU, notice if you are spending so much time devoted to the social media craze. Notice if how much time you spend unplugged. Unplug yourself for at least 1 hour and spend that hour relaxing, exercising, meditating, stretching, simply loving on YOU.

It’s time to be consistent with our self care, self nurturing, self love for ourselves.



Often times in our fitness journey we get frustrated, we get tired of not seeing results, we lose confidence in ourselves because we don’t feel like we are succeeding. I have experience that so many times and really experience it after suffering from my injury. Approximately 8 months ago and tore my plantar fascia and suffered from plantar fasciitis. Well I had races that I was already scheduled to run so I proceeded to finish out my racing season.


Well finally in January I said it is time to let this foot heal. So that is what I did. I started physical therapy at Architech Sports, I continued to do crossfit at Crossfit Axon but did everything with modifications. During this process I felt like I was at a stump, I felt like I wasn’t progressing. The pain went from one foot to the other foot. I felt as if I would never get better and that I would have to end my running. Something that I love so much, something that brings serenity to my heart. But I said No Felicia do everything you can do in getting better and then just go from there. I was at ease that if I could never run races again that I would find something else to do. I would venture off and find new loves. Well I stayed consistent with my therapy, my workout routine. I began to try new things, try new ways of training. Well needless to say I began to truly find myself and find out some other ways to engage in fitness that I loved. I began to really find my true strengths.


So what am I doing now?

  • I am still running, just trying a new running style
  • I am still doing crossfit (actually hitting some serious PR’s)
  • I am still doing other things {love hiking, rockclimbing(indoor that is….lol)…and who knows what else}

So why go through my life story?

I’m telling you this to let you know that despite what downfalls or setbacks you may experience…Stay consistent…Stay focused on your goals, Don’t give up, Stay with it. It will pay off.


With Love,



I Just Don’t Have Time

I Just Don’t Have Time


Have you ever heard yourself say this, “I just don’t have time” when you are trying to create a workout plan or trying to train for a race or simple start to engage in fitness? If not then, WOW, that’s awesome. I know that I have said this plenty of times.

So how do I do it?

How do I workout, take care of two girls, work a full time job and take care of other family duties? I plan, I take time to sit down and plan out my workouts, my weekly schedules, my family schedules. I am not claiming to have the best time management skills or the best regime. I include my family into my fitness. When you show your little ones, older ones the importance of taking care of themselves you are instilling a healthy lifestyle mindset that will be a huge benefit as they get older.

Why schedule time to workout?

I was definitely the one who said you know what, “I just don’t have the time, I am neglecting my family time with my girls, it is just wrong for me to take time out for me.” Well if you are thinking the same way I was thinking then the answer is NO it is not wrong, NO you are not neglecting your family and YES you do have time.

So why is it so important?


I will speak on a mother, woman perspective; as mothers we always spend so much time nurturing others, taking care of others, making sure that other people (family, friends, etc..) have what they need. However, we never take the time out for ourselves. We never engage in self-nurturing. Now do we have to workout in order to engage in self-nurturing? No, but that stress that you may be dealing with or that feeling of low self-esteem, low self-confidence that you may be experiencing, taking time out to workout, to engage in some form of fitness will help with building your self esteem, self confidence and that stress we deal with each and every day.

So stop telling yourself that you just don’t have time. Start telling yourself that you need to make time. Take time for YOU. Take time to help build yourself up both inside and outside. In order to be that strong person in your family you have to take care of yourself first. Yes you have to be a little selfish so that you can be that person you need to be for your family. So stop what you are doing and Start making time for YOU.  I read a great saying the other day, “Your body is a temple, stop treating it like a graveyard”





How Yoga Changed my Life



Have you ever been to a yoga class and you were so distracted by the person next to you and just the people in general in the class? In your head you are thinking, “There is no way my body is going to be able to do that.”  You start counting yourself out and start saying, “I’m not going to make it in this class.” Now I know I am not the only one that has felt that way. I remember the first time that I ever attended a yoga class, I literally thought I was going to die…lol because it was a hot yoga class. I was like,  am I just being delusional in here or am I running a fever…lol. I remember a teacher saying this to the class and it truly resonated with me…”Stop focusing on your imperfections and start embracing them.” I realize that in my life I tried so hard to control all of my imperfections or I was ashamed of all of my imperfections. When I finally put the, “What I look like” to the the side then I truly began to realize the true benefits of what yoga was doing for me.

Mental Practice outweighed the Physical Practice

So certain levels of yoga…specifically Vinyasa flow is designed to be a physical practice. It gets you sweating and feeling the burn. However, what I realized after months and months of practicing that Yoga became my medicine. It became what I can now say a “Life Changer.” Yoga took me out of a deep dark whole, depression, anxiety, feeling of no self worth, no self-confidence and no self-esteem. When I truly allowed myself to practice yoga it helped me reach deep down inside and truly became a mental practice.

So before you count Yoga out or before you look at what you think a yogi should look like. Realize it is not just about the physical practice but it is the mental practice, the spirituality that you gain from practicing. Your ability to handle situations differently, the ability to cope with stress, the ability to tap into your inner self.





Why is Fitness so Stressful?


So why does it seem like fitness can be so stressful?

Is it because we put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way?

Is it because we are striving to compete or look like the person beside of us in the gym?

As women I think we get so caught up in Fitness and how we should look that we forget the true benefits and reasoning behind healthy lifestyle/fitness. Social media has created this look of what Fitness should look like. We find ourselves competing with others versus just simply having fun or the fellowship with others.


The What if’s?

What happens if I don’t get my run in? What happens if I don’t do that 5k? What happens if I didn’t get to the gym? So what happens….well we regroup, we do something else, we do what we can.

Let Go of the STRESS

Stop stressing on this thing called the Right Fitness. There is no such thing as the right fitness. There is a such thing as Fitness for everyone, getting out and moving, doing something everyday. So whatever that may look like for you…do it. Whatever may inspire you to go out and move…do it. Whatever fitness level you may be on…Keep doing what you are doing. Don’t ever feel like you have to do certain activities to be classified as a fit person. When you get up off the couch each and everyday and do something that gets your heart pumping and that makes you feel GREAT…that is when you have truly found fitness for you.


Always remember.. Fitness is not a destination it is a way of Life. Engage in fitness to become a happier person, not a stressed out person. Do it for you…No one else but you.




With love,





Wow such a big word with a big meaning..I can tell you one thing that it is so difficult to live in today’s time. Why you might ask? Its so demanding to look a certain way, to be a certain way, to act a certain way. Some people strive to look the way that society suggest of how we look. If the magazine says that a size 0 is the popular thing then some people will strive to get into that size 0 because that is what is considered to be beautiful. Society doesn’t look at the package of the individual but what the outward appearance looks like. This has caused so many people to not accept who they are or how they look because of the image that society has placed in our minds of what is beautiful. Beauty lies from within and often time we can’t see it until we disconnect our minds from the corruption of social media.


My baby girl is my joy and my heart she said to me the other day, Mom can you just let me for one day have long hair? I said why? She said because long hair is beautiful, it makes me look beautiful, I feel beautiful. I was astonished because I strive each and everyday to express to my girls that beauty is not defined in how long your hair is or how long your nails are but the beauty that is within will shine through. However, that is not what society has taught her or taught us.

She isn’t the only one that have experienced this. I have experienced this as well. I battled my weight over and over again. If the scale didn’t say a certain number then I was not happy with myself. I felt ugly, I felt fat, I felt that I was unattractive. Why? Because I needed to look like the people in the magazine, or the girl at the gym. The more and more that I finally started to open up to my imperfections and started to workout because I loved my body the more I noticed the changes occurring.


So don’t spend your life accepting what others feel your life should look like or what you should look like. Define your life yourself, define who you are, be unique, be different, BE YOU. When we really tap into who we are we finally begin to accept who we are and love who we are.



With love and acceptance,




It’s Okay to Begin Again


I truly have learned what it means to Start Over…To begin again. I remember thinking awhile back that it was so hard to start over, so hard to begin again. I have realized that it’s okay to begin again. We actually begin again each day we wake up. Each day we start a brand new day it is our opportunity to begin again. Often times we want to seclude ourselves to what occurred yesterday, last week, last month or even last year. I have learned that in order to grow to move forward in life we have to begin again. We have to learn how to start over.


This year alone I have learned how to raise two girls on my own, start a new job, restart a training/running plan. I realized on my run the other day that I am stronger, wiser, brighter, felt brand new. It was all because I decided that it was time to change up, it was time to start over again, to start fresh. Often times to get out of the rut that we feel like we are in we have to start fresh, we have to begin again. So don’t sit in the past, don’t dwell in what happened years ago. Start fresh today, begin again today!!!