Start Where You Are



Often times in our  journey of life we feel like we need to be at a certain area in our lives before we can begin. I’m bad at this you see I was an perfectionist so before  beginning anything I always felt the need that I had to be in a perfect place, perfect situation, perfect time in my life. What I’ve learn through my  healthy journey is that it is not about being at a  certain fitness level  before beginning, it was about starting where I was. When I  finally decided that then that’s when my hard, rough, challenging days were some of my best days. Its when I developed consistency, its, when I began to grow, when I began to soar from where I was that I began to blossomed, I began to truly see the fruits of my labor. So don’t wait till the perfect time; like Arthur Ashe states, “Start where you are today, Use what you have. Do what you can today.






Don’t Settle




It’s a great feeling when you have completed a goal that you thought you would never complete. So now you have completed it so what’s next. You feel like I have accomplished something big so why strive for anything else. Or you just simply get complacent and content in where you are right now. I say NO…don’t get complacent…don’t get content. You should always be striving to be a better version of YOU whether that is through fitness, finances, relationships, personally, spiritual. Never settle for what seems alright, shoot for the stars, challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, step outside of that box you have created. You will never know your full potential if you just settle for what seems okay, what seems best. So don’t wait until the New Year’s to draw up a plan of goals and action plans..Start today, Start now….Set the intention each and everyday to strive for more, strive for the best version of YOU. So stop settling and start moving..Moving into 2018 as the Best Version of YOU!!!



Are you Consistent?


Social Media Logotype Background

So how many times do you check your notifications on facebook?

How many times do you scroll through facebook during the day?

How many times do you pick up your phone to check your text messages?

Often times we can be very consistent with the daily world of electronics. I have found myself often times as soon as my phone makes that “ding” noise I am constantly checking it to see what messages have gone through. Who text me? What are they talking about in the group messages? We become so consistent in the electronic world but are we consistent in our self care, self nurturing world. Are we consistent in our daily time with ourselves. Do we take time out during the day just to focus on ME, YOU? Do we take time to breathe, stretch and relax from the craziness of the world. This week take time for YOU, notice if you are spending so much time devoted to the social media craze. Notice if how much time you spend unplugged. Unplug yourself for at least 1 hour and spend that hour relaxing, exercising, meditating, stretching, simply loving on YOU.

It’s time to be consistent with our self care, self nurturing, self love for ourselves. Don’t until your New’s Year Resolution…Start today

The Year of Completeness


So back from my hiatus I was inspired by a post that I wrote this time last year and as I was reading this post it really spoke to me. As I prepare one week from today to turn 37 my born day, my birthday. I really had to look back and look at all the things that I have endured at the age of 36. Then it dawned on me Felicia through it all you have grown, you have so much to be thankful for. It seemed like during this year I had more bad days than good days. But honestly it was through all those crazy days that I was able to truly define who I am, able to really see what God has in store, really able to see how my life is a testimony for others. See we often times think of this image of what a healthy life looks like but what we fail to realize healthy doesn’t just mean outward appearance but are you healthy from the inside out. So in celebration of my life I wanted to recap my past year so you can see that even while you are going through it may seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel; it is there you just have to be patient.

Recap of Year 36

This is NOT OK

So on last year during this time of the year I was running my long run of 13 miles with my #runhomie and it just seemed like nothing that morning was going right. I had to stop several times to use the restroom, the gas station I normally stop at the employee was on break so I couldn’t use the restroom; so I had to proceed on with my run. If you have ever tried to run and you have to use the restroom then you know what I am talking about, not the best feeling ever. Then as I was running my heel begin to bother me; well at first I was like it just seems tight so I will keep running to see if it loosens up; well it did. Then I proceeded to run and it did just that it started to loosen up so I began to think okay well this is not going to be as bad as I thought.


Ummmm I was rudely awakened

I get about at the half way point of the run and of course we are out there so the only back is to just walk all the way back or run back. So I proceeded to run back.

Then it happened

I get back to my car and when I stopped I could feel it. It was not good, I was not okay.

So then I did what was the right thing to do, I went to the doctor and they told me I had a heel spur and also plantar fascitis.


I said to myself really not something else again, my exact words were, “Why can I not be GREAT?

So at this point I felt like there was so much going on in my life, from single motherhood to dealing with beginning stages of divorce, managing a job, two girls, one income, training and just LIFE.

I was forced to face reality, I was forced to say Fe you are not okay but guess what you will be okay.


So I began to start the healing process, began doing rehab and just trying to battle my way back. I knew I had other races lined up for the rest of the year and also the beginning of the year.

So I did what doctors ordered and when it was time I battled back. Well meanwhile during all this time of course life doesn’t just throw you one lemon but several lemons. So after completing all the races I was signed up for I finally said enough is enough Felicia it is time to really focus on you and get healthy. So I spent 6 months through physical therapy all while going through so many changes in my life….new job, selling my home, new home, divorce and just simply motherhood. I mean you name it everything that you can imagine someone going through I was going through it all. But one thing that I kept telling myself is that Felicia it will be okay. It is okay if it seems like your life is a mess right now. It doesn’t mean that you are going to always stay in that state.

See we all have this thing called pride that often times we have to face. We are ashamed of saying,

“You know what I am struggling today.”

“You know what I am having an OFF day today”


“You know what I am not OK at this moment”

What makes us stronger is the ability to recognize that and know that we will not be in that state very long.

To know that there is HOPE

To know that everything will be OK

To know that it is okay to have those days

To know that it is those days that help build us, help make us stronger


So what did I learn?

I learn that it is okay to not be OK.

It is okay to have an OFF day.

It is okay to say I am having an OFF day.

It is okay to say I am struggling right now.

What else did I learn?

It is when we face that everything is not OK that is when we BUILD when we get STRONGER and that is when we begin to have HOPE that even though at this very moment in time it may not be okay but I know that everything will be okay.


So here is to this craziness called Life, to lessons learn, to overcoming battles. Despite how things may seem or just seems like you can’t catch a break. It’s okay to not be okay the key is to not stay in that place. Dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

So here is to 37 BABY… Why such a big meaning? 3 defines divine protection/guidance and 7 is completeness (both physically and spiritually) That is what Beyounique is all about is developing: STRONG MIND + STRONG SPIRIT= STRONG BODY (Completeness)

And that my friends is the equation for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE


With love




Embracing the Present YOU

6882876-beach-sunset (1)

So I often speak about this but in our fitness journey we are often taunted with our past or with the notion of what we can not do. However, we never really take the time to embrace the moment that we are in, the accomplishments we have made thus far. We are our biggest critics and we often put so much pressure on ourselves that instead of it encouraging ourselves we provide discouragement.

As I glance at this photo that was taken this last year I begin to really be amazed at the sky and how beautiful it is. I also begin to really focus on the water and how peaceful it seems. I said to myself, “Wow this is simply beautiful”; just caught in the present moment of it’s beauty. So I really begin to equate this to our lives and thought to myself if I would just take a moment each day before I get started with my day and  really embrace ME, LOVE ME and really begin to give compliments to myself. Do you know how motivating, invigorating and encouraging that would feel? Do you think I would have a positive outlook on what I have to do for that day? Of course I would, what people often fail to realize is that this healthy journey and lifestyle is not all about just how many workouts can you do; this journey is about mentally how do you feel about yourself. Do you tear yourself down each and everyday? Do you love yourself for who you are on THIS day?

So take time out each day and really sit back and Embrace the Present YOU! Be grateful, thankful and Love the NEW YOU.

  • Love the changes your body is going through even if it is not where it needs to be.
  • Love who you have become both inner and outer.
  • Love the fact that you cared so much about your health and your body that you chose to change your life.
  • Love the downfalls that you have gone through as it has only made you stronger.

So I ask you to really LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY but in order to do that you must first Embrace the Present YOU!


With love,



Mindful Cravings


So it’s that time of year where we are trying to eat healthy and let’s be honest….we all have to fight those holiday cravings. We set goals to eat healthier or to simply lose weight. We dice into the many healthy challenges or diets that promises that we will lose the weight. However, we don’t tap into the main source of the problem, the key to why we are where we are at or why we even want to lose weight.

Be Mindful

When we set goals to lose weight or be healthy we have to ask ourselves why are we wanting to lose weight or be healthy.? What is the reasoning behind it? Is it because we want to be healthy or is it because we want to look a certain way? Next question is, “How did we get in the position we are currently in?” Was it because of stress or was it because we are dealing with something that is deep inside that we don’t want to face? These are all mindful questions we must first ask ourselves before we can begin this journey of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. Until we tackle these questions then we will still see ourselves cycling through the treacherous cycle of weight loss and unhealthy lifestyle.

Mindful Cravings

What do we battle with the most when we are trying lose weight or eat healthier? We battle with cravings, with the feeling of not having enough. But is that truly the reason why we are having cravings? There is more to that craving and learning how to be mindful to the cravings is the key. Here is a tip the next time you have a craving, stop and think about why you are having that craving. Are you stress? Are you bored? Are you really hungry? The more we become mindful of our cravings the more we can fight them.

So as everyone is preparing for the holidays and some are already thinking about what their 2018 New Year’s resolutions and goals are going to be. First, be mindful of why you are doing what you are doing. Step into this  holiday season and preparing for the upcoming year with mindfulness of your goals and why you want to achieve them. The more we become mindful the more we are able to achieve the goals we set forth.


With love,





Why do you train?


Often times I go back to the question, “Why do I train?” Why do I  so many races or Why do I compete in Crossfit Competitions? It is important to know and understand why you do the things that you do…Why you might ask? because when you are unable to train or compete then what will you go back to. This became very prevalent to me last year when I suffered an injury that caused me to not be able to train for my races and my crossfit competition. I had to go back to my “WHY” I had to go back to why do I train?

Why do I put my body through all of this?

Is it because I am trying to set a statement?

Am I trying to look good for other people?

Am I trying to compete with others?

These were all the questions that I had to face. Questions you may have faced one time in your life as well. When I truly began to really look at my “Why” and I truly began to understand the reasoning of why training was important to me…I began to truly tap into ME.

So Why do I train?

I train for the fun, the adventure, the fellowship with friends, the ability to see what my body can do..I train to help better myself as a runner, as a crossfitter, as a yogi and simply as a person. You truly never know your limits unless you try. I also realized that my training became so much more than just about me but it became showing my girls that they can do anything they put their minds to. This coincided with my “Why” of working out. My “Why” is for them, my “Why” is for me…It’s about creating a better version of ME so that I can be the best person, the best MOM I can be for them; so that I can see them grow up; so that I can laugh, play, enjoy life with them.

So why do you train?

You must truly understand your “Why” truly understand why you are training because if training was out of the question today…what will you do? How will you react? Will you give up?

Take time out to understand your Why and capitalize on it!



With love,



Why do I meditate?



So September is the start of a challenge that I created called Self Care September. Often times in our daily journey we get into the rush feeling. The way of the world is always on the go…we never stop moving…we are always doing something but we never take the time to really sit back and enjoy life. This quotes describes the concept of meditation and the art of being still so eloquently.


What is all this talk about Meditation?

Many people believe that meditation is all about just sitting or being. Yes that is a portion of meditation. However, there is far more to it than just sitting. Meditation allows us to not just focus on controlling our thoughts but helping to not allow our thoughts to control us.

How many times have you just caught yourself drifting away from reality?


For example, this morning I was driving my youngest daughter to school and missed her turn to her school and realized wow how did I miss her turn? Well it is because I was in thought mode, I was thinking about all the things that I have going on today, all the things I need to do, all the projects that I need to be working on. So this morning I allowed my thoughts to take over my day, that moment, that experience of morning drive, the beautiful sky view that I missed. I say all of that to say that when we allow our thoughts to take over our mind we miss out on LIFE, the importance of life, the beauty of life. So stop allowing your thoughts to take control over you, live in the here and now, accept the thought and then move on.

So why do I meditate?

Enlightenment in nature

Meditation allows me to learn how to accept my thoughts, accept life struggles, turmoils and then release it. It allows me to not let my thoughts take over my life, my being, my day. It is the fitness of my mind. It strengthens my mind to maintain a level of healthiness. Building a healthy lifestyle is not just about the outward appearance but also the inward appearance.






Back To School Frenzie



So this is the time of the year where parents are back in the grind of everything. Back to schoolwork, traveling back to school, dealing with countless minutes and hours in traffic. The time of the year where our schedules get extremely busy and crazy.

This is also the time of the year where we lose our self care. We lose the fact that we as parents, family members, sibling, daughters need to take care of ourselves.

This is the time of the year that we truly need to be in maintenance phase and restoration phase. Building ourselves back up.

But how can we take time for ME during this Frenzie?

Here are my 5  top things that I do focus on during the craziness of Back to School

  1. Planning is key
    1. Plan out your week to not only include kids activities, fitness for yourself, ME time
  2. It’s okay to say NO
    1. I battled with this for a long time. I was always chipping in, always try to help out, always trying to lend a hand to someone else. I quickly realize that I was leaving me out of the equation. It’s hard to take care of others when you are not taking care of yourself. At some point you will wear and tear your body down to the point that someone will need to care for you.
  3. Stop putting yourself LAST
    1. I use to always make sure that my girls were situated, use to always not only supply all of their needs but also their wants. I use to feel guilty if I took time out to get my nails done because I would think about how I should use it on them. I quickly realized that it’s okay to think about me too. I made sure that my girls had their needs and I also made sure I had all of my needs. I can not take care of them if I don’t take care of myself. By no means am I saying don’t do anything for your family or friends but saying don’t forget about doing something for yourself…And don’t you dare feel guilty about it
  4. Take care of the ONE BODY that you have on this earth
    1. So if you are like me budgeting is key..So when it is time to cut cost the first thing to go is Fitness especially if we belong to a gym or to a fitness facility. I contemplated it several times but I look at healthy eating, fitness and anything to do with spending money on healthy options the same way. I can either pay the money now with a great membership rate or I can spend the money later through doctor visits, cost of tests being run because of poor health. Now don’t get me wrong you definitely should shop around and live within your means. Which means if you can’t afford it right now shop around online there are so many sites that have exercise programs you can do at home, groups that offer home workouts. Just remember despite what may be going on physically or financially take care of your body.
  5. Live each Day OUT LOUD
    1. As much physical fitness that you need for healthiness you also need mental fitness and strength. Take time to tap into you…do what you love..enhance your mental. Living a stress life…removing stressors that can be removed. Do adventurous things, step outside of that comfort zone box.. Simply take time to Enjoy Life…You only get one life to live…So take time to Enjoy IT!!!


Come as You ARE

So often I am asked about my journey, how do I do what I do? How do I seem to keep it all together? I typically laugh and say, “Ummmm I don’t have it all together”

So as I was going to register my girls at school I just had a flashback moment of what the school year was like a year ago and then two years ago. My mindset was different in the past, I was excited, I was ecstatic about the school-year. However, this year was different this year I was nervous, I was scared, I was afraid.

Why you might ask?

There was a time before that my girls attended this very same school and the people there knew me as a different person, a different job role, different lifestyle and more. I was married with two girls, I was like supermom to them, athletic trainer, fitness guru and more. In their eyes I was all put together but in my head I was a mess. I felt like I had created this personification that I had everything under control, that I had everything together. Well fast forward….as the years continue to roll by I realized that I had to strip down, I had to show who I truly was. It wasn’t as if I was different but my life had changed, I wasn’t this married woman, well put together as I thought. I was running ragged…I was taking on two girls by myself financially and physically. I was trying to be that same person from before, I was trying to live that lifestyle that just wasn’t there anymore. I had to take a reality check, I had to meet myself from where I was in my life. I had to stop putting this shield up, putting this personification of who I wasn’t.

And then Yoga happen… I began my journey with @yogaoneclt with my dear friend and we took on the Assistant Training workshop/course. I realized in that course what Baron Baptiste says so eloquently…”Come as you are not as you think you should be” I knew that there was so much more to me. It was deep inside; I had lived a life that was other people’s lives. I was afraid to show who I was at that moment, I was afraid of what others would think of me. I was afraid that others would see that I didn’t have it all together, I was a mess, I wasn’t in the place that I use to be. Then the more that I surrounded myself with people who all had a story, who all were coming from various “Life happens” backgrounds, I knew that I too could strip myself from this personification of “Being a Person that everyone thinks I should be” or carrying this look that says I have it all together but in reality I didn’t. In reality I was a woman searching for answers, searching for True Happiness in which I realized later it was inside of me all along. I was transforming into this beautiful blossom.

I was blossoming…Why? Because I finally decided to rid myself of the What I should look Like…I began to Show Up as Who I was.. I began to truly spread my wings and come into the person that I was born to be. I began to find strength in self..inner strength in who I was born to be.


Come as you are at this moment…Come from within, shine bright of who you are today. The more that I have experienced in life, the more that I have truly found my inner strength, I found strength in self because there is no more mask, no more falseness…it is simply just me…Straight raw version of me. I am happy to be that person. I know that this thing called “Life” is shaping a molding me and showing the world what a BADASS I am. So if that means that I don’t look like, talk like or act like the person that people want to see then they don’t need to be in my circle because I am going to keep showing up as ME…Big Brown, Big Thighs, Big lips, Big smile African Queen that I am!!!!! Show up as who YOU ARE today and Who you want to BE!!!!!!




Strength in Self